Mar 17, 2011

For Japan with Love

When I was a kid growing up on the Texas gulf coast, I remember when hurricane Alicia hit.  It wasn't one of the epically destructive hurricanes of years past(ie. Katrina or Ike), however it was memorable to me.  I remember how the trees were destroyed and the power was out for days and the surreal quality to the fact that we were using water from the tub that my dad had filled up before we evacuated to do everything from wash our hands to flush the toilet. The neighborhood fared well but I remember the houses out where my grandparents lived, torn from their stilts or simply a blank spot where a house used to be.  I remember not being able to know if our friends and family were OK and the tree that crushed our neighbors mustang.  I even remember dropping a full container of melted bluebell chocolate ice cream on the floor... a true travesty considering we were without power or water for days! When I look at the pictures of the destruction in Japan I think of my hurricane experience times 20. In light of what occurred in Japan I am reminded:

In Lak'ech
I am you, and you are me---
and we must all

I will be silent this Friday in support of this movement.  Please take a moment and check out the above link or more directly here to make a donation to shelterbox which is an awesome organization that does great work!
Sending LOVE from the heart to the people of Japan.

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