Mar 31, 2011

Shredded Pork Tostados

I stinkin love Mexican food. I think it might be because I was raised on it, or maybe it was because it was the last thing that my Mom ate before she birthed me.  Regardless I LOVE IT! I made this dish from a pork shoulder that I slow cooked and made hawaiian bbq pork out of the first night and then soaked in orange juice and chipolte peppers the second day.  It was delicious.  The tangy orange juice was a nice partner to the spicy chipolte and then I topped it with finely chopped onion, chopped cilantro and avocado, queso fresco and a ton of lime. So really no recipe, except for the pork shoulder:

Kalua Pork
delightfully borrowed from melskitchencafe
10-12 pounds pork shoulder butt roast (don’t substitute a leaner cut of pork or it will be dry)
1 bottle liquid smoke
2 tablespoons sea salt (or hula salt if you can find it)
1 1/2 cups water
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Trim roast of large pockets of fat (but leave some fat on there to help the pork stay tender while cooking). Place pork in large roasting pan (the aluminum, deep roasting pans you can buy at the grocery store work great if you don’t own a heavy-duty roasting pan). Rub 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt into pork. Pour the bottle of liquid smoke over and around the pork. Pour the water around the pork. Cover roasting pan TIGHTLY with two layers of aluminum foil.
Bake for 5-7 hours


Mary said...

These look wonderful and that recipe for kahlua pork is really lovely. I'll have to find one smaller than is called for in the recipe or I'll be eating pork for the rest of my life. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Faith said...

Mary, I like to freeze part of freezes well!

Kristen said...

That sounds like a perfect refreshing, but filling. I love Mexican food, too.

Merut said...

I was raised on Mexican food too! Yippee! I love how you soaked the pork in orange juice. Brilliant! I could totally pull this off.

Raina said...

I love Mexican food too. Your recipe sounds wonderful, love the sweet and spicy:)

girlichef said...

You know what? I stinkin' love it, too ;) This sounds awesome!