Nov 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu

     Thanksgiving was yesterday.  We sat around and ate till we were stuffed, there was a game going on (from what I hear, haha), everyone left with leftovers and today my poor dishwasher has already born the brunt of three loads of dishes and it's not even three pm. Wait, what you say? Thanksgiving is still almost two weeks away!
     Correct, however, SA and I have very little family out here, I work retail and I close the day before Thanksgiving and then open pretty early the day after so those things combine to make having a big Thanksgiving dinner/celebration on the actual day pretty damn impossible. So we had it last night!  The great thing about having it last night is I get to share the recipes with you guys.  All of the recipes I tried last night I had never made before so I was having intense anxiety over it, plus we had more people over than we have ever had in our house!
During the following week I will devote a post to each recipe with my recommendations and also the things I changed except for the turkey and pumpkin pie.  Each was delicious, but both have been blogged about to the point of repetition.

Caramelized onion dip
Alton Brown's Brined Roast Turkey: Good EATS!
Sausage Apple, Onion and Cranberry Stuffing
Individual Sweet Potato Souffles
Spinach Gratin
Pomegranate cranberry sauce
Rosemary Rolls
&  pumpkin pie

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